Budget airlines are also known as low cost carriers. They are flight carriers where services are priced at a low cost. Traditional airlines operations are cut by these carriers as much as fifty percent. There are several budget airlines in different countries like Southwest in US and Air Asia in south East Asia.

How to budget costs are cut?

Budget airlines can offer lower fees as they cut costs in different ways. For instance, the classes are all economy with no segregation between the different classes. Again, food option is not included and needs to be paid for separately. Again, one could order food, but the options are first come, first serve. Hence, if you order your meals too late, you might not get options in your meals. The same goes for pilot supplies that are budgeted for at a minimum without any frills or elaborate arrangements.

Other ways costs are cut

Most airlines that operate as budget airlines usually cut costs by operating across certain specific regions only. Short flights are usually common in these airlines which do not exceed six hours of flying time. They might operate out of smaller airports or during non peak hours. Many people often complain about the absence of amenities provided to the passengers. However, the popularity of budget airlines due to low fares is hard to miss out. The staff is also paid accordingly and one can expect minimal pilot supplies and no other frills as are offered by luxury airlines.

Need for budget airlines

Today budget airlines provide a feasible alternative for many. Not only has it become possible for many to fly in routes where trains and buses also ply, but many can afford to travel in relative comfort and in less time and within a small budget as well. It is popular not only among kids, backpackers, students and young tourists, but also among executives who need to travel frequently to different places at work and need to cut down on the costs of traveling. Some airports have terminals that are dedicated to low cost airlines as these have increased in number over time. Instances could be seen in Singapore as well as in Kuala Lumpur.

Cons to consider

Some budget airlines are often overbooked and have cramped seating spaces. Again, many get routinely delayed. Others hardly offer any amenities which becomes difficult for passengers traveling for more than four hours. For these reasons, several people opt to take traditional airlines and pay a higher fare instead. However, the sector being a competitive one, budget airlines also try and offer optimal service within the costs that they maintain. For these reasons, more and more budget airlines are being formed across the world.